Mine scheduling,

Powered by Biarri Commercial Mathematics

kavern helps users maximise mining efficiency with high-cost assets by using mathematically optimised load and haul scheduling 

Increased Production

kavern uses Commercial Mathematics to improve mining efficiency, maximising throughput in underground and open-pit mines with optimised equipment scheduling

Plan & Execute

Plan shifts ahead of time and respond to changes while executing. Increase safety and transparency of your mine by using software for mining efficiency


kavern’s user-friendly interface fits your mining operations and has an open integration ideology, seamlessly integrating with your third-party systems such as Pitram

Maximise mining efficiency.

Make mathematically optimised scheduling decisions for your equipment to improve mine production, taking into account prioritised ore sources and weekly targets whilst decreasing equipment interactions

Mining Efficiency

Mining Efficiency

Schedule with confidence.

kavern works with your drilling and blasting plans for load and haul schedule creation through integrated software. Improve your compliance and reliability for accurate scheduling with single click optimisation for mining efficiency.

Analyse scenarios.

Run scenarios within kavern to answer the ‘what if’ questions you have about your mining operations to give strategic views on your mine. Use kavern for full and partial re-optimisations for intraday changes

Mining Efficiency
Mining Efficiency

Integrate with ease.

kavern has Biarri’s open integration ideology to seamlessly integrate with third party systems and Data Acquisition sources (e.g. Pitram) as well as data upload from spreadsheets or edit on the fly

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